Koenigsegg Jesko embodies Geneva as the top of velocity in Sweden

Koenigsegg dropped the microphone on the Geneva Worldwide Auto Present 2019 on Tuesday. The Swedish producer has revealed the Koenigsegg Jesko, which replaces the well-known Agera supercar with know-how and specs that require a double grip.

The Jesko implements some basic enhancements over the Agera. To start with, the 5.Zero-liter V-Eight twin-turbo has been redesigned and produces a most of 1,600 horsepower when the tank is crammed with E85. Using gasoline reduces this determine to 1280 hp, which continues to be greater than the 1,160 hp variant Agera RS. All the ability is distributed to a 9-speed computerized transmission full of applied sciences that Koenigsegg calls the low-speed transmission, or LST. Extra on this in a second.

The center of the Koenigsegg Jesko, the 5.Zero-liter, twin-turbo V-Eight, features a new flat-surface crankshaft weighing solely 27 kg, which Koenigsegg believes makes it the V-Eight crankshaft. lighter on the earth. The engine additionally has larger turbos and a wild air injection system. Whereas the crankshaft permits the pink line to shift to the next velocity of Eight,500 rpm and generate extra energy, the air injection system works with the turbos to wind them instantly. In actuality, Koenigsegg needs to rid the Jesko of the delay of the turbo. The system features a small compressor and a carbon fiber air tank. When the air injection system releases its 290 psi air stream into the turbo system, it rapidly rotates the turbos for fast energy response.

Every cylinder now features a rocker valve on every outlet and a stress sensor to precisely monitor the cylinder. Koenigsegg additionally notes that turbulent air supplies a sooner burn price, which results in extra environment friendly combustion, particularly at decrease speeds and through chilly begins.

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<p> Koenigsegg Jesko </p>
<p> Again at LST: Koenigsegg mentioned the design removes the trade-offs inherent in a conventional dual-clutch computerized transmission. The LST has the flexibility to modify to any gear with ultra-fast accuracy. For instance, if a driver goes to seventh gear and the fourth is the optimum velocity for optimum acceleration of the second, the Jesko will enable drivers to downshift immediately. Witchcraft? No, the LST doesn’t embrace sync and it's not essential to modify to the sixth and fifth gear to place the automobile in fourth place. In the course of the course of, Koenigsegg has not solely developed a sooner transmission than a conventional twin clutch unit, however can also be lighter at simply 198 lbs. </p>
<p> Drivers can use the LST by way of steering wheel paddles or a guide shift lever. A paddle stroke or notch on the gear lever enables you to change from one gear to the opposite and two extra activate what the model calls the Final Energy on Demand and the report. which generates the quickest acceleration. </p>
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