VIDEO: Take a look at this failure of the BMW water injection system

When the BMW M4 GTS debuted for the primary time, it made headlines in sports activities water injection with its three.Zero-liter twin-turbo I6 engine. This injection of water has helped to extend the facility of the 444 hp M4 Competitors Commonplace Package deal to 493 hp a lot more healthy. So, what’s the water injection and the way does it work? This new video from Engineering Defined breaks it down.

Basically, the water injection system sprays a particularly wonderful water mist into the consumption manifold. When water is sprayed into the new socket, it evaporates and this evaporation absorbs vitality, thus lowering the engine 's consumption temperature. In doing so, it reduces the chance of engine clashes and permits BMW to spice up turbo enhance from 17.2 psi to 21.6 psi, in addition to altering timing. These two modifications carry a further 49 HP and are attainable solely due to the drop within the consumption temperature.

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<p> To be trustworthy, the water injection doesn’t work a lot. It is because it’s only utilized in simultaneous circumstances: the engine should be above 5000 RPM and at full throttle. Solely then does the inlet temperature develop into scorching sufficient to require a jet of water. The 5 liter water tank subsequently lasts lengthy sufficient beneath regular circumstances of use. On a runway, the place excessive speeds and really open gases are nearly fixed, it’s designed to final so long as the gasoline within the tank. </p>
<p> What's fascinating about this technique is that it may really go off. As a result of BMW solely permits it to function when the ambient temperature is above 41 levels, in order to not let the water freeze, the system can merely flip off when it isn’t not obtainable. Then it turns into basically the identical 444 hp engine because the M4 Comp Pack. The identical factor occurs when the water tank is exhausted. </p>
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